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The first Premier of Barbados born

April 12, 1898 - November 28, 1971 (73)

Sir Grantley AdamsSir Grantley Herbert Adams, CMG, QC, was a Barbadian and British West Indian politician. He served as the first Premier of Barbados, as the island proceeded towards self-governance and then as the only Prime Minister of the West Indies Federation, defeating Ashford Sinanan by two votes. Sinanan went on to serve as Leader of the Opposition of Trinidad's Democratic Labour Party (DLP).

Adams was president of the Barbados Workers' Union from 1941 to 1954, after serving as leader of the Barbados Labour Party from 1938. Grantley Adams later became the first Premier of Barbados, and in 1958 became the only Prime Minister of the West Indies Federation as leader of the West Indies Federal Labour Party.

The Sir Grantley Adams International Airport located in Christ Church, Barbados was renamed after the former Prime Minister in 1976. A statue in honour of Adams is located in front of Government Headquarters at Bay Street, St. Michael.

Adams is also one of Barbados' 10 national heroes.

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