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First Miss World of Color born

October 31, 1947

Jennifer HostenJennifer Hosten born in St. George's, Grenada.

In 1970 Ms. Hosten then 22 won the Miss World Title, her enthronement as Miss World was clouded in controversy fueled by racial tensions. Her runner up Pearl Jansen was Miss Africa South making it the first time ever in an international pageant that both winner and runner up were not white. An immediate and distasteful uproar began with the television audience booing as if in an international soccer match. The controversy was further inflamed by a group of women’s libbers who gained access to The venue and took the opportunity to throw flour bombs and other missiles at Bob Hope who was compering the event and by the presence of the Grenada’s eccentric Prime Minister, Sir Eric Gairy, on the judging panel.

Despite the controversy surrounding her victory Jennifer Hosten was acclaimed in Grenada as a national heroine, and less than seven months later, in June 1971, six commemorative stamps were printed in her honour.

Source: www.afiwi.com

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