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The first Prime Minister of Grenada Eric Gairy born

February 18, 1922 - August 23, 1997 (75)

Eric GairyEric Gairy born in St. Andrews parish Grenada. Gairy led his nation to Independence from Britain on February 7th 1974 however his erratic administration provoked a group led by British-trained lawyer Maurice Bishop called the New Jewel Movement (NJM) to lead demonstrations against him.

Gairy, convinced that mankind was threatened by extra-terrestrials arriving in flying saucers repeatedly called for a special group within the UN to investigate UFO's. It was while Gairy was at the UN in 1979, attending a conference with other UFO experts, including Gen. Kurt Waldheim that a bloodless coup by the NJM put Maurice Bishop in power in Grenada.

After the coup Gairy remained in the United States, returning in 1984, a few months after the Bishop regime self-destructed. His party never won another election and he himself was defeated at the polls.

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